Zara Styling Chair

Salon Hairdressing Chair

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Hey there, Zara! What an absolute showstopper you are. With your sleek black design, you bring a touch of chic sophistication to any salon space. Your captivating style and versatility make you the perfect addition to hairdressing studios of all kinds. Those cut-out panels, allowing hair to fall through for easy cleaning, are just genius. You’re not just a chair, you’re a statement piece that exudes timeless charm. It’s no wonder hairdressers and luxe salon spaces can’t get enough of you, Zara. Get ready to shine and elevate the salon experience to new heights of style and elegance!

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dimensions & product details

Dimensions & Specifications
Total Width
Seat Width
UV stabilised, Cold crack protected, Fire retardant
Shipping Details
17.4 kg
62.0 × 61.0 × 67.0 cm
Cubic Meters

style icon…

Hello Zara, you’re a true style icon! With your captivating design, Zara adds a touch of elegance to any salon space. Featuring cut-out panels for easy cleaning and maintenance, this salon hairdressing chair is not only practical but also effortlessly stylish. Your slimline curves create a sophisticated silhouette that makes you a modern classic. It’s impossible to resist your charm. Hairdressers and luxurious salon spaces alike can’t get enough of you, as you’re a popular and timeless choice. Get ready to turn heads and make a statement with Zara, the ultimate symbol of style and sophistication.